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Start: August 11, 2014
End: August 23, 2014

This month, we're taking a different approach for the event by making use of the WoE Points NPC, located in amatsu 213 204. Starting from August 11, 2014 7:00 AM Server Time (@time, Arunafeltz WoE, aka 7:00 PM in PH / Malaysia time), points will officially be counted for every WoE session until August 23, 2014 (Saturday, Payon WoE).

After the 8/23/2014 WoE, the Top 4 guilds in the WoE Ranker will be the 4 guilds eligible for GotM and will be facing off in the GvG portion of the event.

The WoE Points NPC will be reset at August 11, 2014 so everybody has a fair chance.

How do guilds accumulate WoE points?
- The ranker will add points to all guilds who get to keep a castle by the time WoE ends. It's simple, 1 castle = 1 point. More castles conquered when WoE ends means more points.

Since this is a new way of holding the event, all comments and suggestions are welcome. To make sure the points are counted correctly, the GM team will keep their own record of the WoE point tally in case the NPC is bugged.

Alliances are not allowed.
Up to only 32 members are allowed for both WoE and GvG portions of this event.

GvG Rules and Guidelines:

  • Guilds have an option to change representatives after every round, but remember: only the people who are in the party can join the Poring Event.
  • Matches will not be stopped after the host GM says "GO". Guild members who get disconnected can log back in and spawn right where they left. THIS GUIDELINE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.
  • Matches will be best of 3 rounds.
  • Ensemble Skills are allowed.
  • Emergency Call is NOT allowed in this portion of the event. Any guild who attempts this will automatically be disqualified.

Supply Package stays the same.
  • x30,000 Condensed White Potion
  • x20,000 Box of Panting
  • x8,000 Aloevera
  • x3,500 Authoritative Badge
  • x3,000 Box of Resentment
  • x3,000 Elemental Converter of Choice
  • x3,000 Elemental Converter of Choice

As of now kindly check the Poll NPC (located at amatsu 213 206) and vote for this month's prize.

GotM set for the GL and GotM Rings for the 31 members who participated in the 32 vs 32 event will be handed out as well. For more info.

If you have questions, stuff you need clarified, or you want something added to the guidelines, please feel free to post in this thread.

Comments/Suggestions on the supply package prize is also appreciated.


Posted on August 8th, 2014 by Phyress

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