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UPDATE #4: GotM conclusion has been moved to SUNDAY, May 3, 2015
IMPORTANT UPDATE #2: GotM and WoE points has been extended to May 2, 2015 (Payon WoE)!
IMPORTANT UPDATE : To give chance to more guilds, April GotM will now take the Top Eight (8) guilds for GvG on the last day!
Guild of the Month: April 2015

Start: April 15, 2015 @time 11:00 (sch_gld)
End: May 3, 2015 @time 3:00 (prt_gld)

Let's try something different this month. GvG for this event will only be composed of 10 vs 10!

In addition, the following hotspot castles will grant guilds with 3 WoE points by the end of every siege time.

  • Fadgridh (Prontera)
  • Horn (Rachel/Arunafeltz)
  • Nuenberg (Aldebaran)
  • Bidblind/Viblainn (Yuno) [I have no idea why two flags have different names]
  • Yesnelph (Geffen)
  • Bamboo Grove Hill (Payon)

The command @warp to aru_gld and sch_gld has been disabled to accomodate this event.

How do guilds accumulate WoE points?
After every WoE, the NPC will add points to guilds that are holding castles. 1 castle = 1 point; more castles conquered when WoE ends means more WoE points.

On the end date (after Sunday WoE, April 26, 2015), the top 8 guilds with the most points will face off in the GvG portion of the event.


  • The winning GvG party will get warped to a poring event containing 1 very rare headgear.
    • To vote for this month's rare prize, check the "Poll Manager" located at <@warp amatsu 213 206>
    • For April 2015, the prize will be Falcon Ring[2]
  • The winning Guild Leader will receive a GotM set, with unique bonus effects and aura. The other 9 party members will receive GotM Rings, containing custom auras.
  • The winning guild receives the follow supply package:
    • x20,000 Condensed White Potion
    • x15,000 Box of Panting
    • x4,500 Aloevera
    • x1,800 Authoritative Badge
    • x1,500 Box of Resentment
    • x2,000 Elemental Converter of Choice
    • x2,000 Elemental Converter of Choice

  • A maximum of 10 members is allowed per guild for ONLY the GvG portion of this event. You can have any number of members during WoE. Alliances are not allowed!
  • Each GvG match will be a best of 3 rounds, only the Final match will be best of 5.
  • Guilds can choose to change players after every round of GvG. However: only the people who are in the party will be rewarded and can join the Poring Event.
  • Matches will not be stopped after the host GM says "GO". THIS GUIDELINE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. Guild members who disconnect can log back in and spawn where they left.
  • Emergency Call is NOT allowed during the GvG portion. Any guild who attempts this will automatically be disqualified.
  • Ensemble Skills are allowed.


If you have questions, clarifications, or you want something added to the guidelines, feel free to post in this thread. Comments/Suggestions on the supply package prize are also appreciated.



Posted on April 14th, 2015 by Phyress

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