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Overall Class Balance

  • Sniper Class
    • Phantasmic Arrow can now knockback enemies under the effect of Pneuma.
    • Phantasmic Arrow's ranged has been decreased by 4 cells and does virtually no damage now.
    • Ankle Snare now blocks the use of instant-movement skills. (Body Relocation, Back Slide, Flying Side Kick, High Jump and Shadow Jump)
  • Priest Class
    • Assumptio can now be casted in GvG and BG maps. (Assumptio Scroll is still disabled!)
    • Lex Aeterna now ignores the effects of Golden Thief Bug card.
    • Added a fixed 0.5 second delay on Lex Aeterna.
  • Taekwon and Star Gladiator Classes
    • High Jump can now be used in PvP maps.
    • High Jump cannot be used for 2.5 seconds after casting Flying Side Kick.
  • Mage Class
    • Fire Wall now stacks up to 5x.
    • Delay on Magic Crasher reduced drastically.
    • GTB magic reduction reduced from 90% to 85%.
  • Champion Class
    • There is now a 1 second delay after casting Asura Strike before you can use DSC.
  • Rogue Class
    • Close Confine now blocks the use of instant-movement skills. (Body Relocation, Back Slide, Flying Side Kick, High Jump and Shadow Jump)
  • Bard and Dancer Class
    • The Hanged Man now blocks the use of instant-movement skills. (Body Relocation, Back Slide, Flying Side Kick, High Jump and Shadow Jump)
  • Gunslinger Class
    • The weight of Gunslinger ammunition has been halved.

NPCs and Events
  • Mysterious Crane and Umbral Token
    • Mysterious Crane will be giving you random items for giving it Umbral Token. (All obtainable items will be listed in-game, just talk to the NPC.)
    • Umbral Token can be obtained from 3 different NPCs. Talk to each one and find out which is most suited for you!
  • EXchanger
    • Getting tired of what your current EX item looks? Trade in your EX item here to get a new look, while having the same effect. Show off your sense of fashion while wrecking face in pvp!
    • As of this patch, there are only a handful of options. More will come in future updates!
  • Quintessence Rune, Glyphs Rune, Seals Rune, and Marks Rune
    • Obtainable from the Battlegrounds Shop, these items are needed for Umbral Token and EXchanger!
  • Recolor NPC
    • The following headgear have been added:
      • Red Glasses
      • Viking Helm
      • Drake Coat
      • Avian Wings
  • Color Reverter
    • Added a reverter for lower headgears!
  • Valor Badge Converter
    • Valor Badge to KVM Point conversion increased from 1:2to 1:3
  • Poring Summoner Event
    • Automated event
    • Drops TCG and materials for one of the NPCs that give Umbral Token
  • Relocated NPCs
    • Relocated Asuna, Kirito, Winslow, Recolor NPC, and Color Reverter to Alexandria (@go 31).
    • The new NPCs: EXchanger, Mysterious Crane, and Umbral Token Quests are also in Alexandria (@go 31).

Various other stuff:
  • Added Alexandria town, @go 31
  • All Battlegrounds weapons and armor are now tradable!
  • Enriched Elunium and Enriched Oridecon are available at the Coin NPC now.
  • EX Pikachu Ears refine bonus: will now give higher levels of Lightning Bolt with higher refine, starting from +7.
  • EX Ghostring Hat refine bonus: +5% more Neutral resist at +8.
  • EX Holy Essence refine bonus: Heal potency increased further with every refine; VIT Defense -25 at +8.
  • EX Helmet of Ice Wolf refine bonus: Enable use of lvl10 Frost Nova at +8.
  • Returned the original default card and added a new cart sprite!
  • The Carat (1267) mob now drops Face Paint.
  • Fixed an issue with Soul Linkers unable to equip BG Medallion for Mage.
  • Fixed an issue with Star Gladiators unable to equip BG Medallion for Swordsman.
  • Fixed an issue with some colored Scarves not having a card slot.
  • Glorious Shuriken effect should be fixed now. (needs testing)
  • Valorous Huuma Front Shuriken effect should be fixed now.


Posted on October 28th, 2014 by Phyress

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