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Thank you to all whom took part in the first two rounds of the Guild of the Month event. I'd like to take a moment to thank Deadman Asylum, Bayani Unlimited, SoulTaker and Radicals for their participation.

Next Sunday (5th of July) at 09:15 server time, we will begin the semi-finals. Every guild needs to read the rules to avoid a repeat of today's confusion.

The Semi-Finals are as follows:

  • After their sweep over Tear Here in the first round, The Under Dogs host Zerg Patrol in the first Semi-Final.
  • Fancy take on Tear Here in the second Semi-Final, after what can only be described as a demolition of Zerg Patrol.
Remember, you must own the castle to to use it as a host castle. Otherwise, one will be selected by the Game Masters.
The details for the final are as follows:
  • The final will be hosted at Repherion.
  • Each team will have three (3) turns each at attacking and defending. That means there are six rounds in total.
  • In the event the score is 3-3, the guild with the most attacking points (rounds won while being the attacking guild) will be determined the victor.
  • In the event no victor can be found from the clause above, we will go into sudden-death. The first team to win an attacking GvG will be victorious. Compare it to a penalty shoot-out in Football.
  • You may change your roster only during change-over. Change over is when you change from attack to defence.
  • You are allowed ONE use of Emergency Call per turn, i.e. of attacking and defending. That gives you TWO in total. One for attacking, one for defending. The same timer reset rule applies.
  • If a player leaves or disconnects, he must be replaced by a player of the same class.

As always, any questions are welcome and encouraged.

Best of luck to all competing guilds,
Staff Team
P.S. We would love a streamer and recorder organized for next week!


Posted on June 28th, 2015 by Porter

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